15 Novembre 2016: Blockchain Montreal Meetup #2 Meet the experts

Note: this meet-up is organized in cooperation with the Bitcoin Embassy, be sure to sign-up here!

This is a meetup about blockchain technology. It is open to all attendees, and the speakers will be exclusively experts that have over 3 years of experience or more in the industry. This will be an educational, content-driven meet-up and not a particularly networking-oriented event.

Liquid refreshments will be available for purchase!

6h45pm – 7h00pm: Networking and welcome drinks


7h00pm – 7h40: Main presentation, by Francis Pouliot

  • Blockchain scability: analytical framework
  • Current Core roadmap
  • Past and future developments
  • Governance, process and dynamics

7h40pm-8h00: Latest blocks (current news)

  • Vincent Gauthier
  • Guest speaker #2 (tbd)
  • Guest speaker #3 (tbd)
  • Guest speaker #3 (tbd)

8h00pm-8h30: Expert panel Q&A

  • Vincent Gauthier
  • Alex Izak
  • Francis Pouliot
  • Slim
  • Guest expert #2

8h30pm-8h40: Open mic

  • Community announcements
  • Networking topics

8h40pm – 9h30: Networking and drinks

Disclaimer: we will be covering technical topics and complex issues. The presentations, Q&A period and discussions will be moderated. If you are completely new to blockchain and just want to get started, you will probably have a very difficult time following the conversation and we would ask that you keep your more basic questions for the informal networking period.

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